Andon was such a trooper for this shoot. It was a terribly hot day and he was sweaty and we were all so hot. Nonetheless, I was very happy with the results of the photos.

I love these of him and the fence. He had a good time peeking at me through it:

Look at those BLUE eyes!

Soooo serious!

GREAT BIG smile!

Most often my favorites are the more unique ones, and are usually not your typical cheesy smile shots . The next 2 are my favorites. I love the first because of his expression, like "Hey, what are you doing on that side of the fence!?"

And the second one because the eye contact is great, and he just put himself in that cute little "pose" with his arms crossed!


Rebecca said...

Wow, girl, you just keep getting better & better!!!! :) Love stopping in now and then to check out all the new shoots. The fairies are TOO cute!!


Anonymous said...

These are so cute, I am sure Janel is pleased.


Hatten Family said...

Leah - these are GREAT pictures! Anyone who can get him to stand / sit still for some pics must be doing something right!

- Jen

Leah said...

thanks everyone for the kind words!!

Scott, Melanie & Gretchen said...

Leah- this is the little guy I saw you taking pictures of... Great pics!