Have I been? I know. It probably seems as if I've fallen off the face of the earth! What can I say? The last 2 months have been INSANE around here. I've been out of town a total of about 4 weeks. In between those trips, we have managed to pass around some kind of nasty virus that I happenedto get... not once, but TWICE. And everyone else took their turns, too.

I know my blog has been stale and I've probably bored many of you. I even had several people check up on me and make sure I was still taking pictures! (thank you for that) The fact is that I've actually been swamped and have many, many sessions to share with you all. I should have enough fresh, new photos to last the entire summer! I guess it's time to begin catching up...

For now, I'll share some photos from our vacation(s). My younger two kiddos obliged me once I begged for a few minutes away from play for a photo shoot. I got about 2 minutes from Callen. Chloe was a little more generous and let me play a little longer... maybe 15. These are my favorites. More to come!


Here is the same photo as above, but I broke out the "summertime wash" effect that I played around with last summer. I love the airiness of it, but I'm not sure... I may like the original coloring better.

summertime wash

at the cafe


The eyes that melt my heart:

those eyes melt my heart

my little man...