PAIGE+ELENA [family]

I love the colors in these photos, and the girls were awesome to work with. I've been taking pictures of these two for about 4 years now. I think they are seasoned subjects! I can't show many of the whole family shots, because I don't want to give away any they may choose for their Christmas card design!


I am loving this next one. I was talking to Paige's grandma, and she was just playing, and kept jumping off the retaining wall. I noticed her jumping, and quickly grabbed my camera and fired off a few shots. I love how her curls are bouncing in this one.

And I'm loving this one, too!! It was a really tiny dandelion. I wish it were bigger so we could see the fluffy seeds floating away.


The whole family!



IAN [family]

I think I need to officially declare October as Family Portrait Month. I do more family sessions in this one month every year than I think I do the all of the other months combined!

But, really, what a great time to get gorgeous shots of your family out in the beautiful fall leaves and cool, crisp air? And it's perfect timing for the holidays, to use your portraits for Christmas gifts and holiday cards!

Speaking of Holiday Cards.....HOLY COW I cannot believe how close they(the holidays, people!) are getting. Please, please get your card orders to me in a timely manner so I can enjoy some holiday time with my family, too. Watch for some card examples coming in the next couple of days, along with deadline information.

And, I can't forget to introduce our family below: The Wallick Family

And this is the mild, seemingly shy(but oh SO cute) Ian.

I absolutely love this one, his little shy smile is so sweet!



I know, I know....I have been boring you all with a totally stale blog! I was actually out of town last week, and returned to several sessions and lots of catch-up work to do.

Matt surprised me and took me away (that reminds me of that old Calgon commercial!) for a few days of "us" time without the kids. Although he barely gave me any notice about the trip, it was a wonderful time and needed break!

Thanks to those of you who checked up on me to make sure all was well. I appreciate knowing there are some who miss me when I don't seem to be around!

I promise that I'll keep the posts coming for a while. But since this is my busiest time of year, you may see a little less of me than usual as I try to keep up. Work first, post later! :0)

See below for the 3 posts I made earlier today.

ELI [newborn]

OOOOH, I just love little Eli's photos! He did very well, sleeping almost the whole session. He really let me pick on him. Ok, not really pick on him, but really move him around to get him in the perfect position. He and his big brother are very well- behaved! Sleepy, curly, scrunchy newborns.....my favorite!

A storyboard:

LOVE these lips:

ABBEY [re-shoot]

Although I loved the shots I got of Abbey a little while back, I didn't feel we spent enough time with her for a good variety of images. We went out again, and she did wonderful! Just a short amount of time was all we needed ! I love how giggly she looks in some of these.



I was tagged by friend Katie, and I decided since I haven't posted in FOREVER I'd play along!

Rules: Each player answers the question themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves them a comment letting them know that they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve answered the questions on your blog.

10 Years Ago I...(1998):

1. Was in my second year of college at Grace College, Winona Lake

2. Was pregnant with my second son, and he was born on April fools day of that year. I got to finish that college semester early(whoo-hoo!)

3. Took my first vacation away from my boys, just Matt and I. Went went to Las Vegas for FREE, paid for by Matt's company.

4. I really can't remember much else, sad to say!


5 Things on Today's "To Do List":

1. Catch up on work, since I was out of town most of last week.

2. Catch up on work.

3. Catch up on work ( can you tell what is #1 on my priority list for today?)

4. Try to pick up my house, since I have a full day tomorrow and know I won't get to it!

5. Order a couple of things online, before it's too late: 1. Callen's halloween costume-I love his choice for this year! 2. Callen's swimsuit for the Y swim team. I can't wait to see his cute little butt in those jammers!

6. Blog a few more times. Boy do I need to catch up!

5 Places I have lived:

1. Bourbon, IN- when I was really small

2. Warsaw, IN- the remainder of my life. Really boring, I know.




5 Places I have traveled: ( I added this one, since my "places I have lived" wasn't too interesting)

1. Paris, France. We had an exchange student for a month, and then I went and visited her and her family for a couple of weeks.

2. New York City

3. Las Vegas, my hubby's favorite

4. Jamaica, twice

5. Costa Maya, Mexico and the Grand Caymans- stops on the last cruise we took

5 Jobs I have had:

1. Car-hop girl at the B&K Rootbeer stand.

2. Clerk at a video store-Matt and both worked here, when our Marsh grocery had a video store.
3. Secretary at Wildman Uniform & Linen- this was short-lived. I'm NOT the secretary-type.

4. Photographer!

And now I'm tagging: Rebecca, Christi, Priscilla, Sara, and Aleesha