I am sooooo ready for some outdoor photographing! I did get one session in last week while the weather was awesome, and the subjects were awesome, too!! I am still working on editing those, and want to post my absolute faves, so I'll wait until they are finished. Until then, here are some to get us all excited for spring and more sunny days! These are from last fall, and I found them as I was going through some files...

LOVE THEM! And I thought these girls'(twins, by the way) mommy might like seeing them. They are great friends of ours. Thanks for looking!

And just for fun, I love this one:



Here is a sneak preview for Jude's mama....and she wasn't sure that we got any good ones!! Another little cutie who is growing so fast....

Watch Jude grow by viewing his earlier photos:

3 MONTHS photos HERE



Can I say that I am such a lucky, lucky gal to have such a wonderful job...I'm in love!! I get to capture some of the sweetest moments, the cutest faces, spend time with great people, appreciate the beauty in God's creation as I work outside, and constantly get my baby "fix." What could be better?

One of the great things is getting to photograph a newborn and then photographing them throughout their first year and seeing them grow. It's amazing how much they change every 3 months!

Pete is one of these little guys. Look how big he is getting! You can see photos from his newborn session HERE and his 3-month photos HERE. What a cutie.



They say time flies....and it does!! Here is a 6 month update on one of my newborns, Max. You can see his newborn shots HERE. He has the greatest eyelashes. Here's the little future MVP:

And I had to add a couple of adorable big sis, who decided to smile for me:



This little guy set a record for the longest awake time during a newborn shoot! Nonetheless, I absolutely love how these turned out because it looks like he is so hard a thought about something. And the eye contact in some is amazing. He has the cutest little mouth-I love how he has it open... Angela, it was great getting to know you and your little guy!



Well, we're back from vacation and I'm trying to get back into the swing of things! I am so thankful to come home to such beautiful weather! It's definitely made for a smoother transition coming home.

I will have lots to share over the next few days as I get back to work. First off- a new little guy, Ryan. So, so sweet, he stayed in a newborn snooze almost the entire session...way to go, Ryan! Tim and Rachel, you have a cutie for sure!



I was a slight bit bored during our 17hr drive down here for our vacation. The kids were watching their movie, and my husband was listening to his ipod, so I decided to play a little with my camera. It was dark and pouring rain, and I was noticing alot of cool "lighting effects" from the rain drops and the various passing lights. What I ended up with are some pretty cool, abstract images. In all of these I focused on the raindrops/streaks on our window (the best I could...it was pitch dark and I was hand-holding the camera). Then I let the light do the rest!

1.The rearview mirror with another car's headlight shining on it:

2. A mixture of head lights and tail lights:

3. Pouring rain on our windshield, street light illumination:

4. Various lights. It had mostly stopped raining here:

5. The reflectors on the road. I love how you can see the motion here:

6. The sign and their faces say it all!!



I know I have been "MISSING" for several days! We are on vacation and just arrived today in Sunny Florida!! I do plan to post while I'm here but they may be a little few and far between as I bask in the sun and play with my kids! I have some pics to post but don't have them quite ready yet...it's late and the traveling has tired me out. Until next time...