Fix It Friday {i heart faces}

Today is "Fix it Friday Challenge" at I Heart Faces. I have never participated in this challenge but thought it might be fun to give it a shot.

Many people don't appreciate or even realize the post-process work that many photographers put in to the images after the photoshoot. Digital photography has allowed us to create a work of art and really express our style though this process.
The following photo is not one taken by me, but is the photo offered by I Heart Faces for this week's challenge. The first photo is the original, and the second is my "play" at how I would fix the image's flaws and add my processing style.


Ritsumei said...

I like what you've done.

Anonymous said...

I love it. His face and eyes look amazing. Thanks for editing Dustyn's picture.

the girl said...

WoW! Simply wow, you've done GREAT!!!

new girl!