In every session I try to take a few close-up shots, just of my subject's face ( in the photography world, known as the "mug shot"). These particular shots usually end up being my favorite of the session, whether smiling, laughing, serious or silly. I recently had a session where the goal was to capture the kids entirely with close-ups. Yeah, I was excited! I love being able to see super crisp, clear and sparkly eyes. That's what I work towards achieving. So here is my modern take on the mug shot. This family is one of my favorites to photograph...such beautiful, sweet kids! I love the way these turned out!


Anonymous said...

Hi Leah! My computer at home broke a few weeks ago, so I've not been able to check out your site lately. What a treat to open it up this morning at work and see your mug shots! I love the middle boy's shot with the surprised look on his face.

You're making me what to come up and have another session! :)


Katie said...

Love these pictures, must have been a fun session! What gorgeous eyes that little girl has! Keep the great shots comin!