BEACH BABE [florida part 3]

And here's Annie,Grets's little sister. She didn't love having her pic taken too much...but I snuck in a few :)

beach babe


Anonymous said...

I know Annie looks just like Ryan, but I keeping seeing my little P.T. in these shots~especially when she has the sunglasses on. She and Greta are beauties!


Anonymous said...

I've been thinking--it's the eyes, too. We'll have to see what you think tomorrow when you see P.T.

You're so talented, Leah!


Josie said...

These Florida pics are really cute! I really like the collages!
:) Josie

Rebecca said...

ADORABLE! Love both of the collages - what cute girls, and you got some fabulous shots (even of the one who didn't like the camera - I know how hard that is!!) :)