PIERCE@HOME [9months]

All I can say is how ADORABLE is this little boy? I have done several home sessions lately. No backdrops, no props, just capturing kids in their own environment with the surroundings they are used to. I'm loving the way they have turned out... something different! And Pierce is so cute and seemed like a natural at this picture taking business.

not sure this tastes too good!

happy reflections

big eyed boy

on mama's bed

so serious

a flower for you...

smiley Pierce


baby blues


Sara said...

Leah, leah, leah! Thank you! They are perfect. You totally captured him. Priceless gift for me. What would we do without you?!

Christi said...

Great stuff!!! Love it!

did you change your logo? It looks diff...

Rebecca said...

Perfection!!! Love every single one! :)

Harold said...

What a beautiful child