Can I say that I am such a lucky, lucky gal to have such a wonderful job...I'm in love!! I get to capture some of the sweetest moments, the cutest faces, spend time with great people, appreciate the beauty in God's creation as I work outside, and constantly get my baby "fix." What could be better?

One of the great things is getting to photograph a newborn and then photographing them throughout their first year and seeing them grow. It's amazing how much they change every 3 months!

Pete is one of these little guys. Look how big he is getting! You can see photos from his newborn session HERE and his 3-month photos HERE. What a cutie.

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Anonymous said...

What a treat! We finally got our new computer, and I go to your site to find these just before bed. I am OVER THE MOON!!!! They look so good--I am looking forward to the morning when he gets up to see the "real thing." Thanks so much, Leah. I'm the one in love!!!