I am sooooo ready for some outdoor photographing! I did get one session in last week while the weather was awesome, and the subjects were awesome, too!! I am still working on editing those, and want to post my absolute faves, so I'll wait until they are finished. Until then, here are some to get us all excited for spring and more sunny days! These are from last fall, and I found them as I was going through some files...

LOVE THEM! And I thought these girls'(twins, by the way) mommy might like seeing them. They are great friends of ours. Thanks for looking!

And just for fun, I love this one:


cooperz@mchsi.com said...

These are great pictures of the girls. I had them in kindergarten last year and loved every minute with them. They are beautiful subjects to photograph and to teach.

Marcie Cooper

Melissa said...

Wow, Leah, I never would have guessed they were twins. They are cuties!

It's so good to hear you express your love for what you do. Thanks for sharing your awesome work. As I've said before, you are a talented lady!

Hope the weather starts looking up soon! (I really don't miss those sunless Indiana days.) :o)

Melissa Blackford

Rebecca said...

Love those girls!!! :) You captured them just perfectly. I bet Amy is very happy. :)