I was a slight bit bored during our 17hr drive down here for our vacation. The kids were watching their movie, and my husband was listening to his ipod, so I decided to play a little with my camera. It was dark and pouring rain, and I was noticing alot of cool "lighting effects" from the rain drops and the various passing lights. What I ended up with are some pretty cool, abstract images. In all of these I focused on the raindrops/streaks on our window (the best I could...it was pitch dark and I was hand-holding the camera). Then I let the light do the rest!

1.The rearview mirror with another car's headlight shining on it:

2. A mixture of head lights and tail lights:

3. Pouring rain on our windshield, street light illumination:

4. Various lights. It had mostly stopped raining here:

5. The reflectors on the road. I love how you can see the motion here:

6. The sign and their faces say it all!!


Rebecca said...

What cool effects!!! And I love the pic of the kiddos under the FL sign. :) I am jealous!!!


Katie said...

Hope you are having/had a good time! You are probably driving back about now. Talk to you soon!