.....FIVE THOUSAND HITS!! Last night I logged on and noticed that the blog wasn't too far from reaching 5 thousand but still had about 80 or so to go....I thought it would be at least Monday before it got there. So after a long day shooting a wedding, I am pleasanty surprised to see it there already!! It's good to know that people are interested and that and checking back. I actually think I have a few "blog stalkers!" More people than I expected stop me and talk about seeing this or that on my blog....THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the great support....(FIVE) thousand times over!


Stephanie said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! Came across your site after looking at Artistree. I am a "shutterbabe" myself with much to learn -- my subjects these days are my kids and kids of friends. I take great shots but no nothing about photoshop -- perhaps the bain of my existence b/c I think that is KEY. Would love to ask you a few photo questions if you wouldn't mind about your lenses, the catch lights, and one photo in particular (will have to find it again) and just to know what post effects you did to get such amazing color? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
At the very bottom of my blog you can see some slide shows of images. Good shots but color needs PUNCH.
Thanks a million -- I am SO IMPRESSED with you! What state are you located in by the way?
New York

Stephanie said...

PS you can email me directly at StephUSA at aol dot com

thank you!!

LeahRenee said...

Will email you!

Thanks for the great words.


Aleesha said...

That's so cool that other people are finding you and asking for advise. You are awesome. I can't wait for you to hopefully be able to shoot my family and the kids while we're there. And I noticed that since you posted this there have been almost 1200 more hits in less than a month. Amazing! Now I wish I would've had you teach me a thing or two since I'm way down here and have no one to take my pics. :0( I thought maybe I'd have a better chance of hearing from you if I blogged you instead of emailed you. Look forward to hearing from you!