My kids, that is.

We had a family gathering on Memorial Day weekend to say good-bye to my brother and sis-in-law who are moving(already have, actually) to Tennessee. The kids were just playing, but I managed to sneak in a few photos.

Here is my one-and-only girly who usually loves to pose for me. This time she wasn't real pleased because she was "missing all the fun!"

here's a different crop on the above photo: I like it!

And here's my little guy, always with tattoos and no shirt...

WHAT IS UP with this smile?? This is what I have been getting from him lately...not sure where he got this one!

A couple of my nephews:

SO SAD because he will miss his AUNTIE! :0)


Anonymous said...

So gorgeous and so inspirational!! Love the ones of your daughter especially -- amazing what a crop here and there can do!
Brooklyn, NY
PS I will email you back from that wonderful informative email you recently sent me. thank you!

Aleesha said...

I didn't know Luke was moving. Boy, do we ever have much to catch up on. It feels like forever since I talked to you. Which one is Jack? Please tell me it's not the oldest one. He can't be that old yet, can he?

Aleesha said...

By the way, I love the black and white of Chloe. :0) I can't wait for you to shoot our family and especially my kiddos. Would Tues. or Thursday work for you? Or is there a better day while we're there?