Chloe and I saw this field on the way home from a baseball game. I have been by here hundreds of times and don't know how I never noticed it! Anyway, we pulled alongside the road, let her hair down from the pigtails, and wandered out into the field for a few shots...luckily I had my camera along, and she was a willing subject!

This next one I processed 2 different ways, a BW conversion and a summertime wash with some texture. Not sure which one I like better!

I love this one, it's my favorite. I really like the old train in the background.

And one from before the field, with attitude!


Katie said...

Love the one with the summertime texture, it almost looks like a painting. Like a Monet or something. You are too talented for words!

Rebecca said...

The train in the background is so cool. And I love the pigtails!!!

Christi said...

she's so beautiful! What a great location find too...i LOVE it when that happens.

Melissa said...

Love them ALL, can't decide which is my favorite, but I'm leaning towards the summertime wash with texture! Again, awesome work, Leah!

Melissa B.

Katie said...

I am tagging you, sorry :( I haven't ever done it before and thought it would be fun!

Scott, Melanie & Gretchen said...

love the summertime washout like- very different.