As I'm sure you can tell, I am a little behind on my posting! Sorry if I am boring everyone to death! I have been doing a little traveling to Chicago and Indy for some shoots and weddings lately, so I have been out of town alot! I have TONS to post, and will hopefully get to all of the sneak peeks soon.

My best friend from Texas came to IN for a visit this summer and I was lucky enough to spend some time with her AND take their family's photos! Boy have I missed them...and it's amazing how fast the kids have changed. What a treat!

Here is 4yr old Cole:

and 2yr old Rylee(what a cute personality she has!)

and a fun one of them together!


Anonymous said...

I love these, leah! The black and white one of little Rylee is my favorite. It's making me think you need to take my boys' pictures again! :) Vanessa

Aleesha said...

Thanks, friend! The proofs were great and I love showing your work off to my Texas friends. I know which ones I want so we need to talk soon so I can place an order. ;0) Love ya!

Christi said...

Love looking at your stuff, always!

That was totally hilarious about your blog post the other night. I've done that before too...it's too easy to stay logged in to google, imho!

So we need to take another stab at this meeting up thing! It'd be so refreshing to sit down and talk photo jabber with another talented artist...maybe after wedding season settles down, eh?