Yep...another 2yr old! We pushed Abbey to her limits, and ended up losing our lighting, so I will be shooting Abbey again soon... But still got some great shots, anyway! Abbey's photos were the very first ones to appear on my blog, back in this post from last year. She's such a petite little thing. I love her dimples!

Here we moved the chair. Look how different the look is, just moving a few feet! I really like both, for different reasons!

Abbey's curious look:

Abbey with her sisters, Haley and Emily:

Love these faces!


On a side note..... THANKS to all who commented on the post below! It was good to kind of "meet you" or at least know some who are looking at my work! I had decided when I made that post that the first 10 commenters would be entered in a drawing to receive a FREE SESSION from me! Since there would be only 2 of you left out, I decided to enter all of you as a thank you for coming out of lurkdom :0) I will post the winner by the end of this week. To the rest of you who haven't yet commented..... leave me a note! You never know when I might decide to give something away!!


Rebecca said...


I hope I win!!!

By the way, we know the P. girls well. :) Loren and Haley are good friends!!

Isn't Abbey hilarious?? She cracks me up!! Great job on the pictures Leah!


Rach said...

Hey leah love the pictures. Wanted to know if you got my e-mail about getting a family picture session here in October. thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi Leah!

I love the picture with the four pictures of Abbey! I don't know how anyone can do it better, and it's one of my favorites that you've ever done.

I guess I'm sometimes a lurker, but I do sometimes leave comments! :)


Carey said...

Sweet! Can I also say I hope I win! A fall family picture would be awesome!! Great pictures again!

Carey Lewis

Alyssa said...

Hey Leah!! The order I sent you can go ahead and be proccessed. You can double check it with me by calling if you want. Also can we set up the date in late Sept. for 8 month pics? I can't believe it's almost time!! thanks!! oh yeah by the way, several people have asked me if you have thought of putting your pictures (the proofs) online so family can order them from you rather than putting in a order through us. Just a thought! Alyssa Van Vactor

amandatonagel said...

Oh that would be soooo.... wonderful if I won! I promise my boys would be great models for you! :)
Amanda tonagel

Jayme said...

Aren't these P. girls so cute, and they each have their own fun personality about them! Great shots Leah!


wright5455 said...

Wow! I can also say I hope I win!

I really like the 4 pictures of Abbey here together. Maybe we could try something like that with Rigbey...

Thanks for being so patient with our session the other day! Hopefully you were able to get some good shots. :)

Katie said...

Hey, where are you? I think you are slackin on the blog! JK Just wanted to let you know I was thinkin abouy you!