I just had to share this funny comment made by Callen today!

A little background info-

Callen began talking today about how his throat and his "head" hurt. Two of my other kids stayed home from school in the last week with these exact symptoms, along with a fever. I thought "Oh no, here we go again!" It seems like we all might end up going through this.

I had a couple errands to run, and off and on he complained about his head. And he felt a little warm to me. We were still out and it was past lunch time, so I told him we would go to McDonald's for lunch. If you know Callen you'd know that this is his favorite place to eat(they are marketing geniuses if you ask me!). He was so excited because he is trying to collect those little Wizard of Oz dolls because he is fascinated with that movie. Forget the Batman toys, which are the ones that are intended for the boys! Nooooo, my son requests a happy meal "for a girl."

Anyway, we sit down and with much anticipation, he pulls out the little Lullaby League munchkin girl.

(if you're thinking he is going to be disappointed, think again!)

With a VERY pleased look on his face he says:

"Mommy! I got soooo excited to see my toy that my hurt in my head just POPPED right out! "

I laughed inside. He is so funny and I just love listening to his comments and seeing life from his
point of view!

Here is a pic I took of him watching TV the other night:

The funny part..... here is the same pic from the front view!


Christi said...


Josie said...

Too funny! :)

amandatonagel said...

Oh that is adorable! I love his little face. Really cute!

Rach said...

That is so sweet!!! what a cutie even while sleeping...kids can get away with those shots taken while sleeping. Adults that's another story. those pics might not look so cute. Right? hehe