I cannot believe I haven't blogged these yet! I was going through files, and realized that there are a couple of sessions I have overlooked....and haven't posted from. If you haven't seen your photos on my blog yet, keep checkin! I'll be posting them soon.

This is 1 year old Gretchen from this summer. I love this park. There's a new look around evey

Look how smiley she is! I giggle just looking at her.


Laura said...

I haven't seen Jackson's 6 month photos yet.. just in case you wanted to post some of what you missed. Obviously no hard feelings if you don't have time, just thought I'd mention it in case you were looking back for older sessions :)
btw.. this little girl sure is a cutie!

Scott, Melanie & Gretchen said...

Leah, I check your blog almost everyday. I wondered if Gretchen was going to make it on one of your posts. THANK YOU. She is very cute- I must say. She is mine. - Melanie

Anonymous said...

Leah, You did a wonderful job with these pictures. Gretchen is the cutest thing ever. I am glad these photos were shared with everyone. Gretchen's Aunt Tami