IAN [family]

I think I need to officially declare October as Family Portrait Month. I do more family sessions in this one month every year than I think I do the all of the other months combined!

But, really, what a great time to get gorgeous shots of your family out in the beautiful fall leaves and cool, crisp air? And it's perfect timing for the holidays, to use your portraits for Christmas gifts and holiday cards!

Speaking of Holiday Cards.....HOLY COW I cannot believe how close they(the holidays, people!) are getting. Please, please get your card orders to me in a timely manner so I can enjoy some holiday time with my family, too. Watch for some card examples coming in the next couple of days, along with deadline information.

And, I can't forget to introduce our family below: The Wallick Family

And this is the mild, seemingly shy(but oh SO cute) Ian.

I absolutely love this one, his little shy smile is so sweet!


Rebecca said...

These are great, girly!!

Hey, I sent a family your way for pics in November... the Hills from CA??

Love ya!


Katie said...

I know I'm a pain but I tagged you again! It is a picture tag though so it should be fun for you!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome shot!

Bev said...

I want to vote for picture #17! That one is awesome of the Johnsons!!