I know, I know....I have been boring you all with a totally stale blog! I was actually out of town last week, and returned to several sessions and lots of catch-up work to do.

Matt surprised me and took me away (that reminds me of that old Calgon commercial!) for a few days of "us" time without the kids. Although he barely gave me any notice about the trip, it was a wonderful time and needed break!

Thanks to those of you who checked up on me to make sure all was well. I appreciate knowing there are some who miss me when I don't seem to be around!

I promise that I'll keep the posts coming for a while. But since this is my busiest time of year, you may see a little less of me than usual as I try to keep up. Work first, post later! :0)

See below for the 3 posts I made earlier today.

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Rebecca said...

I'm glad you're ok!! I was worried!!!! (So funny how we do that... somebody doesn't post for 2 weeks and we think they died!!!)

I'm so happy that you & Matt had some surprise-time away!!! That is SOOO nice!!