I was tagged by friend Katie, and I decided since I haven't posted in FOREVER I'd play along!

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10 Years Ago I...(1998):

1. Was in my second year of college at Grace College, Winona Lake

2. Was pregnant with my second son, and he was born on April fools day of that year. I got to finish that college semester early(whoo-hoo!)

3. Took my first vacation away from my boys, just Matt and I. Went went to Las Vegas for FREE, paid for by Matt's company.

4. I really can't remember much else, sad to say!


5 Things on Today's "To Do List":

1. Catch up on work, since I was out of town most of last week.

2. Catch up on work.

3. Catch up on work ( can you tell what is #1 on my priority list for today?)

4. Try to pick up my house, since I have a full day tomorrow and know I won't get to it!

5. Order a couple of things online, before it's too late: 1. Callen's halloween costume-I love his choice for this year! 2. Callen's swimsuit for the Y swim team. I can't wait to see his cute little butt in those jammers!

6. Blog a few more times. Boy do I need to catch up!

5 Places I have lived:

1. Bourbon, IN- when I was really small

2. Warsaw, IN- the remainder of my life. Really boring, I know.




5 Places I have traveled: ( I added this one, since my "places I have lived" wasn't too interesting)

1. Paris, France. We had an exchange student for a month, and then I went and visited her and her family for a couple of weeks.

2. New York City

3. Las Vegas, my hubby's favorite

4. Jamaica, twice

5. Costa Maya, Mexico and the Grand Caymans- stops on the last cruise we took

5 Jobs I have had:

1. Car-hop girl at the B&K Rootbeer stand.

2. Clerk at a video store-Matt and both worked here, when our Marsh grocery had a video store.
3. Secretary at Wildman Uniform & Linen- this was short-lived. I'm NOT the secretary-type.

4. Photographer!

And now I'm tagging: Rebecca, Christi, Priscilla, Sara, and Aleesha

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