ELI [newborn]

OOOOH, I just love little Eli's photos! He did very well, sleeping almost the whole session. He really let me pick on him. Ok, not really pick on him, but really move him around to get him in the perfect position. He and his big brother are very well- behaved! Sleepy, curly, scrunchy newborns.....my favorite!

A storyboard:

LOVE these lips:


Josie said...

How sweet!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful baby. . .makes me want to have another one!


Christi said...

yay! I've been waiting to see these! You totally rocked it out, Leah! I KNOW A is SOOOO excited about these! Great job!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sooo much Leah for getting such wonderful pictures of my little guy (s) , i ♥'d all of them, it was too hard to pick out our favorites. thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.
:) amber

Anonymous said...

These are so beautiful! I love his lips.