Our now 5-year-old Callen is constantly cracking us up with the funny things he says. I don't know if it's him, or just common for his age( I don't remember our other kids saying such funny things) but he is such a little comedian. Most of the time, he is not trying to be funny, it's just the cute little things that come from his way of thinking. I have decided to blog about these occaisionally for 2 reasons: (1)I think they are a fun thing to be shared because everyone needs a laugh now and then, and (2) I want to document them so that I can look back and remember how he was at this age!

Callen is a little timid around bugs, mostly scared of them. Lately they have been a topic of his curiosity...I think he is trying to find out more about the little critters in hopes that they won't seem so intimidating. Here are two recent conversations we had about bugs:

Callen: mom, there is a BUG in your HAIR!!

Me: can you get it?

Callen: I CAN'T

Me: (swatting at my hair to find the bug and get it out)

Callen: oooooo, it is a funny color

Me: Oh, it's a Japanese Beetle!

Callen: yeah....

(very LONG pause, thinking)

Callen: Mom??

Me: what?

Callen: What color do you think Mexican beetles are?

Me: (just trying so hard not to laugh!)


Callen: Mom, look what I caught!

Me: (trying to sound excited, but really engrossed in my work) What is it?

Callen: It's a lightning bug!

Me: Oh, pretty neat!

Callen: I have him trapped under a cup so I can keep him. Can he be my pet?

Me: (looking for the right words) Wellll....he will die if you keep him trapped under the cup.
We really should let him go back outside.

Callen: Why will he die?

Me: Because he won't have anything to eat, so he will starve.

Callen: I KNOW!! We can fee him CHIPS!!


Rebecca said...

Leah! These crack me up. :) I just posted about some Claire-comments... I tell ya, this age is SOOOO funny. So, during the LONG pause when Callen was thinking about the Mexican beetle (LOL), did you frantically get the bug out of your hair???

Loved the chips comment too... hilarious!!!

Lindsey said...

Love the Mexican beetle comment! :-)