I just love the expressions of this kid! I got tons of great smiles, but had to show you the variety of "looks" he gave me during our shoot. And those EYES! Love 'em!


Anonymous said...

Amazing, once again! I love the variety. My favorite are the ones in the window and on the bench. Great job!

Priscilla (Jude's mommy)

Rebecca said...

Awesome pics!! His mama is lucky that he keeps his hats on. :)


Christi said...

I can't get your email to work! It keeps sending me a failure notice! Call me after 8:30 if you want to chat really quick...574-315-7647. I'd be happy to share my tips and tricks on that shot...it's definitely tricky! lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Leah
I have been trying to make contact through email. i was wondering about newborn shots but the emails keep getting sent back as a failure, so i thought i would try it this way. if you have a free moment if you could email me at atag22@hotmail.com your work is beautiful, these ones are adorable.
thank you