It's sad, but true, that today is offically the end of summer vacation. I know that school actually started on Friday, but with a weekend following, it didn't seem like the summer was over until today.

We have done our best to cram in all that we possibly could these past few weeks, and have been spending alot of our time in Michigan with extended family....what we call our annual "Hoskins- Fest." It's kinda funny, I know. Matt's family is located practically all over the place, and for the first 2 weeks in August, everyone meets together in MI on Coldwater Lake. Our kids have a blast, and we take our time to relax and visit everyone we won't see again until next year.

All of this, and getting everyone ready to go back to school has made for a full month!

I will be blogging like crazy to show all of the sessions I haven't been able to post lately...so if you haven't seen your photos yet, keep checking back!

I can't leave you without something to look at ...so here's Max at 9 months.

"Ooooo, this looks neat! If I could only reach it!"

"YES! I got it!!"

"What IS this thing, anyway?"

"Anybody know??"

Big eyes!



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Rebecca said...

Wow, you were busy this last month, girl! Is it a bit of a relief to be back into a "normal" routine? I decided to homeschool this year and I am already second-guessing myself! And we haven't even started!! :)