I'm heading to Chicago and am SO EXCITED!! I'm going along with a couple of other photog gals to listen to a photography seminar. What's to be so excited about that, you ask?? Well, it's only that Jasmine Star (who is speaking today) is someone whose blog I stalk regularly, a totally amazing photographer, and has a way with words that I could only wish my blog-writing compared to.

I hope to learn alot about the business side of what I do, and I'm well-equipped with a full notebook that I WILL FILL EVERY LINE....if I have to, and if there is even that much info given out! (that was a total run-on, I know).

Anyway, I know that nobody else probably understands my excitement. I just had to share! And hopefull you all will benefit from whatever it is that I will learn today.


Rebecca said...

I hope you & Christi had a wonderful time!! J* is amazing - I visit her blog too, and I'm not even a photographer. :) I just love looking at good photography (hence the reason I visit here.) :)


Anonymous said...

I checked out Jasmine Star's website as well! Wow! She is good! I love both of your blogs. You are both really talented.
amanda tonagel