My earlier post about my trip to Chicago left a few of you asking me how it went.... I thought I may as well post about it so that others can hear a little bit of the story!

I'll try to make a very long story short so I don't bore most of you!

I began my trip by heading up to Mishawaka. I was invited to go along with a couple of other photographers(who I had never met!), Christi and Erin, and so we were meeting and going from there.

We headed to the windy city and needless to say, we arrived waaaayyy early for our 6:00 seminar. Almost 4 hours early. But that was our goal. We wanted to make darn sure we got front row seats. As Christi put it, "If Jasmine Star spits while talking, we want to feel the spray!"

When we arrived, we drove around the parking lot, trying to find the Free to Succeed Tour bus, which the team was traveling in. We found it alright! I, not thinking ahead whatsoever, FORGOT TO BRING MY CAMERA!!! What was I thinking? So Christi took a photo of the bus. We felt a little childish to be so excited over seeing this bus, but seeing these photographers is kind of like a teen going to a Jonas Brothers concert. After all, they have been living in this bus for the past month!

After this we went inside the hotel and found the room that the seminar would be held in. We chose our seats, then made nice "reserved" signs to hold our places. Hey, we didn't come that early for nothing! As we were doing this, a couple of guys showed up. We thought they were just other photogs mapping out their seats, too. Come to find out, they were with the tour! We struck up conversation.....and discovered that Todd was David Jay's business partner and childhood friend. They took our photo in front of the tour bus. And if it couldn't get any better- they let US take a tour of the inside of the bus! And when Todd went to get David Jay so that we could meet him, he came out from the back IN HIS PAJAMAS!!! OK, then we felt bad......I mean, who wants to meet googling fans in their PJ's? And one more thing! Todd got us free t-shirts. That nobody else has. That they don't even sell yet. We felt so special.

The speaking ended up being very motivational. I learned alot about the business of photography that I will end up using. J* was amazing to listen to and is so real and down to earth. She rocks! I was lucky to get a few pics(thanks, Christi!) and will not fail to bring my camera if there be a next time! Overall we had a fabulous, eventful day. In fact, the eventfulness followed us on the way home, onto the freeway. Where we got a flat tire at 12:30 am. And that's another story in itself!

The girls and I with J*

And all of us with Todd, our new friend!

Can I mention that I LOVE my F2S tee? It is totally comfy, and even stylish!

a close-up of the shirt shows what it says: Freedom

more on this later!


Katie said...

Is that you taking your picture in the mirror? Can I just say that you look smokin' hot! Glad you had fun!

Leah said...

yeah, that's my bathroom mirror. i probably should have cleaned it first- i can see all of the dirt and smudges! i'll have to get after my cleaning lady :o) (j/j steph!)

Christi said...

LOL...what a day, for sure! Thanks for coming along! Great times! Can't wait to hang out with you again.